Semalt: What Is Screen Scraping – 5 Prominent Features Of Screen Scraper

Screen scraping is the practice of extracting texts from any web page, image, HTML or PDF file. It is associated with the programmatic collection of visual data from the internet. A screen scraper mainly reads text documents and identifies data patterns. Once the text is recognized, it can be transformed into another form, such as image or video. Screen scrapers navigate through different web pages and convert unstructured data into the structured and organized form. The modern screen scraping techniques and methods include capturing the bitmap data and running it through the OCR engines.

The best screen scraper on the internet:

Screen Scraper Basic Edition 4.0 is the best and most reliable tool on the internet. It identifies different data patterns, collects web content and scrapes it as per your requirements. This data extraction tool allows you to gather large amounts of information and helps build great shopping websites. You can use this tool to extract data from the competitor's sites or make a market research. Its most prominent features are discussed below.

1. Upgrade this software anytime:

One of the best features of Screen Scraper is that you can upgrade the software anytime you want. However, note that the functions of its free version are limited, but the paid version comes with lots of featured and advanced functionalities. This tool is suitable for programmers, developers, and webmasters. The majority of users utilize ordinary data scraping tools which scrape sites partially. Unlike those services, Screen Scraper can scrape data from the entire site and convert it to a readable and scalable form.

2. A reliable desktop app:

Unlike Octoparse, ParseHub, and Kimono Labs, Screen Scraper can be downloaded and activated instantly. You can use it as a desktop app and scrape data from different web documents. The cloud service is also available with its paid version. Both editions provide us with comprehensive scraping services.

3. User-friendly interface:

Screen Scraper has a user-friendly interface and can be installed your computer almost instantly. You need to click its Advanced Mode button to start configuring the basic information of your task. Open a web page of your choice in Screen Scraper's built-in browser, click on the Extract Text button and let this tool extract useful data for you. Anyone can use Screen Scraper without any programming skills.

4. Online support:

Screen Scraper provides us 24/7 online support and the experts make it possible for us to scrape data from dynamic sites. This tool requires no maintenance and is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers.

5. Works at a good speed:

With its 15 cloud servers working simultaneously, Screen Scraper speeds up your data extraction tasks and gets accurate results in a matter of minutes. You can also schedule your data scraping tasks and connect with its API to get accurate and reliable information. Once the API is activated, Screen Scraper will deliver data to your inbox through email.

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